About Monika

My name is Monika Hatfield and I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Accountancy at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am currently working as an accountant at the law offices of Shadek Reese, Ltd.
In addition, I am a volunteer tax preparer, assisting the low-income individuals at Reno Community Services Agency.

My goal is to become a CPA and to specialize in tax planning. I would like to help individuals and local businesses make informed decisions and better understand tax consequences of their choices. I am passionate about my profession and would be happy to share my knowledge.
I believe that “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” [Benjamin Franklin].

Taxes can be a very complicated, especially for someone without a professional background. I would like to explain current tax issues and help you to take advantage of various tax benefits. It’s up to you to take control of your tax situation and reduce your tax liabilities

If you want to learn about taxes or save money you chose the right blog.


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